Why e-ink?

Writing gives the most rewarding puzzle solving experience. We present the puzzles in their purest form. The method for solving it, and how you use notes and scribbles to help you find the solution is all up to your whit and creativity.

Do I need an app for that?

No, you receive digital documents in PDF format. A proper PDF reader is already installed on your device. Once a document is downloaded to your device, the puzzle books can be used without an internet connection.

Which devices are supported?

Our documents are in PDF format, and can be used on any digital notetaking device that support written notes in a PDF file. This includes:

How are the documents tailored for digital notetaking devices?

I don’t have a digital notetaking device, can I print the PDF files?

Yes, you can also enjoy our awesome puzzles on real paper. While we designed the documents for use on digital notetaking devices, they can also be printed without any problems.

Which payment options do you support?

We only support payments bij credit card.

What happens after completing the payment?

Shortly after completing the payment, you will receive an email with a link to download your documents.

Who is Gumroad?

Gumroad is our partner that takes care of the payments and document delivery, so we can focus on creating awesome puzzles.